TL;DR: Go, React, PostgreSQL. Lots of freedom. $15/hr (negotiable), 20 hours a week minimum (more if desired). Advancement to full time encouraged!


Searching for an interested and curious person to help build a digital dental record management system. Outstanding tasks are abundant and one can work on any section of the system. Everyone’s ideas have equal weight, and our goal is to make the most stable and efficient system possible.

Eager for people to transition into full time employees as well, if one is interested.

What we’re working on

We're a non-traditional dental practice whose process is fully digitally driven. Staff create and manipulate records (text, photos, 3D scans) during interactions with patients. This data is read/manipulated by dentists, CAD designers and support staff, cases are approved, and 3D printing of custom appliances is done in house. The lifecycle of a patient is fully managed through the software, from first interaction to final fulfillment of services.

What we have planned

Features are informed by concrete experiences, and aren’t subject to change much

Technologies are ideas to be changed at will, and will definitely include your input!