<aside> 👀 Does describing how we’re going to have fun online, take the fun out of it??

Spending time together, outside of working together, is important for getting to know each other and building connections across the company. We want our social moments to be opportunities for building connections, fun, and maybe the occasional dose of learning.

We also get together in-person Company summits and team meets.


Async #hangout channel

The #hangout channel is a place to connect with each other informally. The idea is that this channel is used for those conversations you’d have if you were sat next to someone. Chat about a great series that you’ve been watching or show us a photo of what you did on the weekend.

We’ll continue with the occasional ‘Watercooler’ question and the Bored app, which is still live in the channel. We’ll also post some fun challenges every now and again, so get involved! This channel is for everyone, so pitch up and start a random convo 🍵

Monthly hangout session

We’re launching a monthly People team-owned hangout session. The topics and formats of this monthly hangout are going to vary quite a lot, but we promise they’ll be fun (and sometimes informative)! We’re thinking quizzes, external speakers, workshops, sandwich making..👀

This session is hosted on the last Friday of every month, 1pm UK / 2pm CET, but this time could change depending on what the session is.

London socials

We have a strong cohort of people who live in London and alongside spending time working together in the office, we’d also like to facilitate this team hanging out together socially. Alongside the occasional pub trip or team lunch that happens at the moment, we’ll be organising a People team-owned social activity every couple of months. We’d love for people to co-own this with us — give us a shout if you think of something this local team could do together 🏙️

Removing the dread from remote social events

We know that organised fun isn’t always everyones idea of a good time, so we’ve got a good mix of ideas to make sure there’s not a mild panic every time you see a social event in your calendar.

We’d also like to know if you’re enjoying our events and finding them useful. Feel free to feedback on them if you have any thoughts — chat to @Emily Thorne anytime ☺️

<aside> 💡 Ideas, please!

We’d love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved in our events. Maybe you’d like to deliver a talk, or organise a demo for the team. Maybe you’ve had a great experience with some guest speakers before and you’d like to recommend them.

Additionally, if there’s something you’d like to see us do for a social event, let us know!