Social Media

-Our social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

-Heavily used Canva ( to produce our weekly Instagram stories and any needed feed content

-Post flyers from the Media Officer on social media accounts 1 week before an event

-Download Bit Warden ( and ask Technical Officer for login to get access to Social Media logins

Things you might need:

Officer Socials

-Plan events for the officer team to get to know each other throughout the Summer and academic year (about once a month)

-Use Google Calendar to schedule the event

-Announce time, location, and date of social in Slack

-Ideas: Drive in movie at Stars & Stripes, Jackbox games (good for when everyone is not in San Antonio), start of year picnic/cookout

Member Socials

-Plan events for the ACM members to socialize throughout the academic year (about once a month)

-Create a page on the "Events" page in Notion with time, date, location, admission price (if any), giveaway description (if any), description of social activity 3 weeks in advance for the Media Officer to make a flyer

-Request orders for any giveaway prizes from the Treasurer

-Ideas: Smash Bros tournament ($5 admission with prizes), Jackbox (good for those who want to be virtual), hangout at a local spot (ie: Go to Snopioca and play board games)

Role Expectations

The Social Events Committee shall be headed by the Social Events Committee Officer. The Social Events Committee shall organize The Chapter’s social events.

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