Social Impact

A Guide for Smaller, Faster and Heart-Centered Startup Nonprofits


This is a 4-week intensive course and intended to introduce simple, modern and effective tools to start and execute a social impact project.


Read through each of the 7 steps of the guide and complete the theory in action sections (for better results). You can do this in one sitting or a few, whatever works for you. You can also use this guide every time you start a project.

Purpose Plan

1: Clarify a specific purpose in the form of an answer to the question “What is it for?” Inspired by altMBA

Lead with Great

Thousands of nonprofits fail to be great. Failing in a time where we need social impact the most. To be a great organization means you have to be great at serving others, great at business and an innovator of a new type of business.

Starting a smarter, better and greater organization leads to a smarter, better and greater social impact. If you are reading this guide know you are capable of co-creating something like this either something or within your current organization. This guide is for those individuals who feel a deep calling to do something great for all of us. You understand the pain nonprofits go through and how their beneficiaries suffer because of it. Hopefully you understand this problem is not one person, your boss, director or your source of funds. This problem is thinking good, as opposed to thinking great.

  1. We will first focus on getting you started on creating a foundation for a new social impact project.
  2. Than we will start the process of your social project by researching and gathering information.
  3. Lastly, you’ll learn how to launch and operate a great social venture.

Before we get started I want to acknowledge you for choosing a career in the social sector. You might be deflated, burnout or just over this type of work. It doesn't pay that much and you probably get stuck doing some unwanted work just to survive. This sucks. I’ve been there but I’ve also seen the light. I will give you examples of great work being done and the future of the giving economy throughout this guide.