Over the last couple of years, I've talked to many people about my high-intensity, low-frequency (HILF) approach to strength training.

Quite a few have expressed interest in trying it.

Aside from walking them through the approach one at a time, I've had no consolidated reference I could point them to, given the disparate sources I've synthesized the methodology from.

Hence, this guide is my attempt to outline my methodology in a singular and cohesive synthesis. I will note upfront the methodology is most directly derivative of Philip and Martina Chubb.

I've tried to make this the guide I would have liked to read ~1.5 years ago when I started exploring a HILF training approach.

I think the guide is still imperfect - it's reliant on external resources for most of the videos and sources which often conflate techniques. Having said that, I think it's sufficient to explain the approach. With this guide in hand, you have no more reason to continue training like a pleb. 😎


Practical Implementation