FIP-13: Light Lending Deployment Framework - Snapshot July 19

This proposal establishes a light framework for deploying FEI to lending integrations. It will be applied to determine which types of lending deployments can be taken straight to the DAO without a snapshot. This framework does not cover non-lending integrations or TRIBE incentives. All FEI deployed will be minted, up to 50% of the protocol equity (PCV - user circulating FEI).

High Maturity (1b+ TVL) - 25-50m - e.g. Aave, Compound

Medium Maturity (100m+ TVL) - 5-10m - e.g. FeiRari Fuse, CREAM

Low Maturity (<100m TVL) - 1-2.5m - e.g. Fuse and Kashi partnerships

This framework is somewhat subjective, but it will allow us to move more quickly on these integrations as we assess the market demand for FEI liquidity across various platforms and userbases.

If approved by the community, this will include a single combined DAO vote for:

2.5M Kashi FEI-ETH

2.5M Kashi FEI-TRIBE


1.33M Olympus PoolParty FEI

1M Index Coop Fuse Pool

FIP-21: **Optimistic Approval Creation -** Snapshot August 20

OA was authorized to act according to snapshot results and call any functions on the TribalChief contract except increasing emissions or withdrawing TRIBE. This functionality includes 1) creating new pools, 2) changing pool reward weights, 3) changing the block reward rate.

FIP-29: Extend OA multisig and add FeiRari parameter tuning - Snapshot September 26

No more 1000 TRIBE payment to members, instead gas paid by DAO

Add FeiRari parameter tuning to OA powers

Add 50m FEI to be held and deployed according to FIP-13 and other snapshot authorized ways (No Snapshots needed)

FIP-34: Optimistic Minter - Snapshot October 24

Deploy a RateLimitedMinter for Optimistic Approval which can mint up to 100M FEI per month, for operational usage strictly to be authorized by TRIBE holders via snapshot. This includes frameworks such as FIP-13 and potentially LaaS.