Smart Green Business Center is an incubating center soon to be established in Luxembourg, co-operated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg. The center's mission is to assist SMEs in the ASEM region to enter the European market through Luxembourg.

Prior to its official opening, a pilot programme called V-SGBC (Virtual SGBC) is being operated, with six promising Korean SMEs and startups participating as incubatees. In this pilot programme, companies active in Food and Agriculture, Circular Economy, Smart Cities, and other digital innovation are included as our incubatees. The list of participants is as follows:

COLUST is a bio-fashion brand that aims to develop various eco-friendly eyewear accessories made with cellulose acetate, a type of biodegradable plastic

Main Information System develops driver assistant devices and autonomous driving platforms wireless chargers, motion sensor technologies, and AI deep learning algorithm

Marine Innovation aims to replace single-use plastics with seaweed-based biodegradable products and has developed greener alternatives to plastics and wood with seaweed

Infiniq covers all data for AI, and our services and technology have been proved in the field of Autonomous driving, Smart Factory, Security and other AI-related areas

Publish Inc is a publishing technology company with a mission of securing the financial and editorial independence of digital media businesses by utilising blockchain technology

RE:harvest manufactures various food products based on upcycled alternative flour, which is made from beer by-products, namely beer spent grain

EXCELLO offers sensors and monitoring system that endures extreme heat and pressure to extract information for businesses in extreme environment industry

Ineco produces functional eco-friendly construction materials that clean up various environmentally harmful substances and pollutants