The Problem

Technology has given us broader access than ever before to romantic prospects.

But it has also created new challenges:

Dating — what should be a source of joy and romantic potential— can leave us feeling tired and disconnected.

illustration by ohsew (IG:, website:

illustration by ohsew (IG:, website:

What is Slow Date?

Slow Date is based on a core belief: that every first date is an opportunity for authentic, meaningful connection.

Finding this connection takes time and intentionality. It also takes letting go of some natural tendencies: quick judgments, pre-conceived notions of who this person ought to be. The reward is truly seeing someone for who they are, a pre-requisite for any deeper relationship.

How does it work?

  1. Read the criteria to determine if Slow Date is right for you
  2. Complete the questionnaire (linked at the bottom of the page)
  3. I will reach out if you have a match (this could happen immediately or several months from now as I keep you in my database)
  4. You'll participate in a 1 hour virtual date with written guidance to make it a meaningful experience