Slope Finance: One-Stop-Shop Solana Mobile-based DApps

The overview of the context of blockchain and crypto trading wallet

Most retail investors are more accustomed to buy & sell cryptocurrency on mobile phones. A survey of "Number of Blockchain wallet users worldwide from November 2011 to September 13, 2021" shows us that as many as user use their mobile phones to make crypto in-app trading. This is significant momentum for the Blockchain industry.


source: statista

Besides that, in the three months ended December 31, 2020, Coinbase had 2.8 million monthly transacting users, among them, There are about 2.3 million users are using Mobile App to buy & sell cryptocurrency.

What is Slope Finance

Slope Finance is a community-based decentralized Exchange built on Solana. It provides blazing-fast speed, nearly zero transaction fees, and an intuitive interface to users. The goal is to build a “Robinhood of Defi”.

Slope is governed by Slope DAO, all community members who hold SLOPE can participate in project governance.

How's Slope Finance play with its puzzles?

Slope Wallet

For every blockchain ecosystem, a wallet is the first important thing users care about. With Ethereum we have Metamask, PolkadotJS for Polkadot, for Solana there are few wallets that are supporting but the experience is poor. So Slope Finance team decided to focus on developing a new wallet called Slope Wallet, it will be the first cross-platform wallet developed for Solana with Slope DEX and Slope NFTs Market users inside, fully user experience. Besides, users can access Defi, NFT, and other DApps via Slope Wallet DApp browser.


Slope DEX

Based on Serum, Slope DEX can provide full limit orderbooks with an interface familiar to other centralized exchanges, which makes UX much more friendly and easy to use. In addition, zero cancellation fees allow traders to enter and exit the markets in a dynamic fashion based on the market situation.


Slope NFTs Market

Slope NFTs market used Metaplex as an NFT infrastructure of Solana ecosystem, it empowers creators and brands to mint NFTs then launch self-hosted NFTs storefront. Users can auction, store, transfer, and resell NFTs in Slope Wallet. There are some features that make Slope NFTs market different: minting cost less than one dollar, no platform fees, no centralized servers hosting media, auctions that fit your fans...


What's Slope Finance Milestone and Strategies