Sleep - which takes over 7.5 hours or a third of our day, every day for 365 days a year, is one of the easiest and quite critical things we can optimize for ourselves.

My question is, what are some things we can do that are simple, quick, and without much overhead and can be done on the go.

CHRONOTYPES (interesting!) Source:

Based on the test, I am a wolf/dolphin.


If you’re a Wolf, try to avoid early high-stakes pitches, creative briefs and other important meetings. It takes a while for this group to wake up and get going. Late afternoon and into the night is when the best work is done by wolves."


The best thing Dolphins can do is learn to conquer one thing at a time. Easing into the day with simple tasks will warm up the brain and help it get ready for more intense tasks. A Dolphin chronotype’s brain is always on, so it can be hard to nail down when the most effective time to work is.

Creative sparks can hit randomly throughout the day and it’s important to take advantage of them. When it’s time for bed, dolphins should unwind and avoid distractions that could keep them from getting shut-eye, considering it’s difficult to sleep as it is."

May 31st 2020. My current schedule for the past 3 months more or less look like this (the most ideal situation):

I don't drink coffee and don't rely on caffeine or any substance to stay awake and focused. I don't take melatonin either. I only have 2 meals a day.

My productivity boosters are listening to the music I have on my mind (repeating it)/I like (Khalil Fong, Lexie Liu, Rich Brian, Jay Chou, RnB), talking to people to gain inspiration and encouragement, watching videos to shift mood.

Wake up at 11 am.

11 am - cook brunch & have it with family

12:30 am - laptop & work (e.g., medical supplies)

2 pm - play piano & sing and teach my mom

3:30 pm - laptop & work (e.g., medical supplies)