When it comes to organizing a big group of people into multiple teams and topics, WhatsApp has many shortcomings since it has been built to handle a single conversation between two individuals or a group of people. The WhatsApp group is only used to by the HQ to communicate important news to every one in the camp and we use Slack to coordinate the teams and the work they do. Some of the as it has many features that make communication easier:

Slack is very popular in certain environments like tech in the US but is probably not as popular in other industries or countries. Therefore, we have prepared this page which contains some introductory guides to Slack so you get to know the application. Then, there is a section about how we specifically use Slack to coordinate the work for a particular Burning Man event.

If you have any ideas on how to make this guide better, please don’t hesitate to leave comments and suggestions in this page.


This is a series of short videos and webpages that will introduce you to Slack and its features:

  1. What is Slack?
  2. Quick start guide.
  3. Conversations.
  4. Organize your conversations.
  5. Threads.
  6. Search for previous messages.
  7. Emoji reactions.
  8. Notifications.

How we use Slack

  1. All camp members will be invited to the CDLR Slack instance.