Combine Linear with Slack for a powerful integration that keeps everyone in sync.

<aside> ⚠️ Slack shows up in a few places in settings depending on what part of Linear's app it touches. We point out where to enable each feature below.


Connect to your Slack workspace to create issues from Slack messages and view expandable links

Go to workspace settings to connect your Slack account to Linear. You must be a Slack admin to do this. Once connected, anyone in your Slack team will be able to:

<aside> ✨ ProTip: If you create a new issue in Slack using the / command, only you will see the notification that was created. If you create an issue from a Slack message (by clicking the "..." menu in the message), a notification will be posted to the channel.


Send Linear team updates to a dedicated Slack channel

Go to your team's General settings to enable this feature. We recommend creating a separate #linear or #linear-team channel in Slack and connecting that channel. Select when to get updates in Slack for your team's issues: when new issues are created, new comments are made and when issue status is updated.

Slack Project notifications

Click on the bell in any project view to subscribe to project notifications. You can choose to get personal notifications whenever new issues are added to the project or to send issue updates to a specific Slack channel. Project links in Slack will show a preview with the description, status and target date, too.

Personal Slack notifications

Go to account settings to connect your personal Slack account to Linear to enable this feature. Receive the same notifications you normally get in Inbox or via email or push notifications on your browser or desktop. When enabled, Linear will appear under Apps in your Slack workspace sidebar.

Import custom emoji from Slack 🥳

Go to workspace settings to quickly import your team's favorite emoji to Linear. This is great for building team morale and creating a consistent experience in your team's workflow no matter which tool you're using.

Join our Linear Customer Slack

Find the Join Slack link in the avatar drop down menu or click here. We have a community of Linear users who share tips, feedback, and discuss how they're using Linear with their team. There's even an #api channel for people building apps on our GraphQL API (See API and Webhooks ).

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