This feature enables customers to set up a Jedi Slack Bot application connection into their workspaces. By adding this new bot, users within the workspace can easily request data from their Datagran workspace (for both integrations and operators) by simply asking, as though they were speaking to another person, without requiring any knowledge of SQL.

The bot will provide users with downloadable data and any relevant metrics, if available.


The following steps must be accomplished in order to have this bot in a Slack workspace:

  1. Slack setup: Have a Slack workspace and install the Jedi app in one of the channels.
  2. Datagran setup: Have a Datagran workspace and establish connections properly.
  3. Usage: Manage tables cache and make queries.

Step 1 - Slack setup

The first thing that is needed here is to already own a Slack workspace and, for the user that wants to complete this setup, to have "admin" or "owner" roles in the same Slack workspace.

The next step is to install the application from the marketplace:

  1. Install the Jedi Slack application. This can be done by two different means:
  2. Install it in your Slack team workspace by following the instructions.
  3. Add the bot to a channel of your choice.



Step 2 - Datagran setup

Now it's time to create a Jedi connection from Datagran. For this, a workspace must exist (and have available data units) to connect the Slack workspace to. In order to link the Slack team workspace to such Datagran workspace, execute the connect command:


When done, this command will return a link. Click it (first, ensure you’re already logged in the Datagran workspace), and a confirmation message will appear.

Congratulations! The Datagran workspace is connected to the Slack workspace.