Using a skin in other (Not Boring) apps

If you purchase a skin in one app e.g. Weather, that skin will become available to use in other (Not Boring) apps.

As a Patron, do I have to purchase skins?

No. If you are a Patron, you get access to all of the available skins as part of your membership.

If I bought a skin, then upgrade to a Patron membership will I get a refund for my previous skin purchases, or a discount on the Patron membership price?

No. If you bought a skin with a Believer membership, then upgrade to a Patron membership (which includes access to all skins) you will not get a refund for previous skin purchases.

I reinstalled the apps, or installed the apps on a new device and can't use my previously purchased skins.

There may be a small delay after installing an app until your previous purchases are synced. If you don't see your purchases, try closing the app, waiting a few minutes then try again. Alternatively you can also open the skins menu and tap the "Restore" link to immediately try to synchronize your purchases. NOTE: Restore will only restore purchases made in the current app, if you bought a skin in the Weather app, and try to restore the skin from Timer it won't appear. Make sure to try restoring from the app where the original purchase was made.

The skin I purchased in one app is not shown in the skin picker in the other apps.

Make sure you have the latest versions of the apps from the App Store. New skins are released with new versions of the apps.

Do you support Family Sharing for skins?

No. We don't support Family Sharing at this time.

I purchased a skin by mistake. Can I request a refund?

Apple handles your payments and will issue a refund upon request →