Craftadia has 5 custom skills; mining, farming, butchery, fishing and forestry. Each with their own abilities and rewards. To learn about skills in-game, you can visit the skill master at spawn.You can also do /skills to view the skill GUI from anywhere on the server.

When looking at the skills GUI, choose one of the five skill categories and hover over the chest, book and xp-bottle to read about the skill. Clicking the chest (skill rewards) will show the full list of benefits and boosts you get from leveling up the specific skill and when you'll unlock certain features.

When doing an activity that levels up your skills you earn skill money as a reward. All skills have individual item drops, but all skills give the chance to drop gemstones. The higher your skill, the higher the chance of a gemstone drop from using the skill.

<aside> ⚙️ Open the settings menu with either /settings or /options. There you'll find the option to toggle the Skills boss bar.



Mine the world to reveal minerals and rewards


Passive Abilities:

Item Drops: