MAY 31, 2022

Sign in with Google or Microsoft. Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO). Image based deal avatars.

Sign in with Google or Microsoft

Itโ€™s now easier and faster than ever to securely log into Estii. Users have the option to authenticate via their existing Google or Microsoft account, instead of using the default two-step email / token authentication flow.


For those who like to keep it old-school, weโ€™ve also tweaked the email login field so it plays nice with the built-in browser autocomplete (and can pre-populate your email for you)

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Customers on enterprise plans can now enable SSO to securely authenticate via Google or Microsoft using OpenID connect. Once configured, users will always be prompted to authenticate via their identity provider.

<aside> โ˜ If you are on an enterprise plan, or interested in this feature please contact us for more information on how to set it up


Custom deal avatars

All users can now upload image-based avatars for deals, and (ahem) edit deal avatars after the deal has been created (click on the avatar in the deal header to edit)


Other changes