When you run a program, it's your responsibility to keep track of everybody. You're going to need a system so your teachers know:

To help you start setting up your system, we've created template versions of our sign-in and roster systems. If you'd like to use these, simply open them up and make copies!

Here's our program roster, for registration-based programs. ⬇️ Keep reading below for more info on this one!

TEMPLATE Program Roster

Here's our sign-in sheet, for drop-in programs. ⬇️

TEMPLATE Assemble Drop-in Program Sign-in Sheet

The TEMPLATE Program Roster ⬆️ comes equipped with two tabs:


<aside> ⚙️ There's a Permission Form column in the bottom section. That's for keeping track of who has a signed Permission Slip.


<aside> ⚗️ Once you have attendance stored in the spreadsheet, you can easily use the spreadsheet to calculate total attendance, per child, per week, and per program! This can be super useful for reporting back on your outcomes.


⬅️ How to use this tab:

⬅️ How to use this tab: