What to do when someone calls in sick

People in your team might call in sick at some point. Here's what to do:

Arbo information and presentation on sickness and the proces from day one can be found here:

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Recurring sickness 🌡

If people call in sick more than 3 times in a year, that should raise a red flag. If you're leading one or more people, Arbo will also ping you if someone is calling in sick frequently. If sickness absence is recurring, consider if there is a particular pattern or underlying issues and initiate an open conversation about it.

Do not be afraid of honest discussions, these discussions help to identify return to work barriers and underlying issues. They also help to outline the expectations of all parties involved.

The open discussions encourage your team member to voice her/his concerns and request help. From the team members point of view, these discussions help to effectively manage and monitor sickness absence, particularly in most complex cases such as recurring absences. It also helps to ensure that the sickness management process is structured, consistent, clear and fair.

The conversation

Try initiating an open conversation by scheduling a meet on the first day of return to work, or at least as soon as you can. The purpose behind this conversation is not to judge someone for being absent. But it's meant to uncover the factors behind, or the cause of the absence. There is a good chance that you or Blendle can prevent the next absence by talking about this.

Explain why you are having this conversation

How to and what questions to ask:

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