Working in different roles

I’ve worked in various functions at LinkedIn and Upwork from Biz Ops, Sales Operations, Product Marketing, and currently, Product Management. I enjoy learning about new functions from scratch and being able to leverage learnings in prior functions to add a new perspective to the next role. I’ve worked on both sides of LinkedIn’s hiring and Upwork’s freelance marketplaces. I’ve worked on engagement, retention, and monetization initiatives and built products from idea to MVP, and iterated on products.

Realizing I want to on consumer products

I’ve realized I enjoy the consumer-facing side more because I feel an extra sense of purpose when I know I’m building something that will ultimately impact a user (even if in a small way). The moment of realization was when I sat in my first user research session listening to job seekers on how we could help better prepare them for interviews.

Continuous learning

I’ve always been a believer that learning doesn’t end after full-time education or work. Last month at work, I didn’t have a designer to work with so I started teaching myself Figma to do the basics to help the engineers I partner with. Other examples in the past 6 months:

<aside> 💡 Side-projects include tinkering with a mental health services marketplace for South Asia with 2 medical students and more recently, working with an engineer to build a platform for freelancers to interact with each other and provide benefits. Two documents I used to help convince him this could be fun and have potential 1-pager on freelancing + Deck on side projects


<aside> 💡 Participated in a Reforge course and starting an On Deck fellowship


<aside> 💡 A lot of what is written above is because of people I have been fortunate to learn from. I’m a big believer in paying it forward and I try to help students and founders with anything on their mind through Mentoring Club, Revive, and soon Project Access


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