Shift View main operations

Select operator(s)

  1. Open the “Operator” tab in the bottom of the Shift View page.
  2. Select the operator(s) working the shift from the list or start typing the name and the list will be filtered accordingly. Change working hours or add more teams if necessary.
  3. Click on “Save” to confirm the selection.

Add a stop reason

  1. Double-click on an area that marks a production stop or select multiple stops and click “Add stop reason” in the popover.
  2. Choose a stop group from the “Group” column of the pop-up window.
  3. Choose a stop reason from the “Stop reason” column.
  4. Choose a stop location (only shown if “Locations” feature is enabled).
  5. If necessary, additional remarks can be typed into “Extra notes” field.
  6. Click “Save” to confirm.

Multiple reasons can be inserted by dragging brackets over the stops/stop parts that you would like to comment. Then click on “Add stop reason” in the popover modal. Stop reasons can also be inserted from the footer (stop-by-stop) by clicking on “Downtime”.

Starting a new order/making product changeover

  1. Click on the first circle that appeared after the product change or click on the stop where the product changeover was done.
  2. Click “Add changeover” in the popover.
  3. Select the group and the new product (or production order if available) from the opened window. You can also use the search function.
  4. For products it is possible to enter the target quantity (can also be left empty).