GlobalReader Shopfloor feedback feature is designed and meant for collecting real-time data about downtime reasons, machine operators, and products being manufactured. It gives you an opportunity to free yourself of paper and excel sheets with the benefit to reduce mistakes in data collection and at the same time know exactly what is going on in your production.

With the GlobalReader Shopfloor Feedback feature, you will get real-time information and advance your production efficiency by:

Please read in more detail how to use the Shopfloor feedback feature - how to add users and what actions can be done by the users

Operator users

How to set up a PIN login?

How to define interruptions?

How to add production information?

How to use Call for Help?

How to change workstation?

Good to know! All user types can access Shopfloor feedback.

If you have any questions regarding Shopfloor feedback functionality, then please reach out to the Support team via

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