Before you get started with the shipping feature. Make sure that you have a valid address and payment method added in the Settings page. Here's the article to help with that.

Creating A Label

Each shipment stats off with an empty form with a "To Address" area and a "Package Details" area.

To generate a shipment rate, fill in the details and hit Save.

After you save, the Label Rate box will have the available rates. Please note that rates include GOMdrop processing and handling fees so they will not match USPS rates.

To purchase a label, select one of the available options and click Purchase Label. After you confirm the purchase, the label will then be available for printing or it can be added to a print queue.

International Shipments

For international shipments, APO/FPO/DPO, and shipments to US territories, you will have to toggle the International Shipments option at the top right of the shipment page. The toggle is disabled if you have not entered a phone number in the Settings page.

Once toggled, the shipment will include a Customs section and will include new requirements in the Shipment Items section.

Shipment Items

While shipment items are an option for all shipments, they are required for international shipments. Our shipping provider required countries in the ISO 3166 format. To see a full list of countries and their codes visit the official website at