Shift View provides all the necessary information about an ongoing or past shift. Please find below the descriptions of the different Shift View elements.


Navigation Menu

  1. Menu button

  2. Current station (click on the name to change).

  3. This displays the weekday, date and the shift name you are currently viewing. You can choose any date and shift by clicking on the field and specifying the details.

  4. Use these arrows to move between shifts.

  5. The current shift button takes you to the latest shift.


The header in Shift View contains crucial information about the performance of the shift as well as quantities about the current and previous batches.

  1. Shift good production (good quantity, not including scrap)

  2. Shift OEE

  3. The current batch field shows the current product (and production order) information and is underlined by the progress bar.

  4. Produced good quantity/batch target (if set).

  5. Estimated time to complete batch.

  6. If you have production orders integrated to Evocon, then you can see the last ("Previous") and upcoming ("Next") orders here. In case you are not using orders, just products - then you can see the last produced batches ("Previous").


  7. You can alternate between " Speed" and " OEE" graph by clicking on the tabs. Note: you can scroll the Speed graph by dragging.

  8. Mr Evocon’s emoticon. The states change based on set OEE targets in station settings.