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Very curious + adventurous- I'm a generally happy yes-man, very pronoid. That has led to many wonderful things in life.



I'm a co-founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures (BTV) in San Francisco, with Jake Gibson. We're a $75m fund that leads pre-seed and seed rounds in fintech companies globally, generally with a first check of $500k-$1.5m. We take a pretty broad view on fintech, and many vertical SaaS and marketplace businesses fit in our purview too. We invest for a better future and genuinely believe that our companies make the world better; fintech is a great way to improve people's lives.

We like investing at the seed stage because it allows us to have the greatest impact. Founders need help and support and we love being the first call - we are both entrepreneurs first, investors second. We love thinking through strategy, figuring out distribution, helping companies hire, and helping founders raise the next round. We roll up our sleeves and try to be the biggest cheerleaders and most trusted partners for our companies.