1. Have the information available for reading / viewing somewhere accessible for everyone that might want to. Default to internally public.

Active Sharing

Big Stuff

If you have something that impacts a lot of people or workflows, make it a Team Update and announce in Slack #announcements channel.

Small Stuff

If the update is less impactful in nature or only relevant to a specific team/project:

  1. Announce it however you want. This can be in the team call, on Slack, in a meeting. Up to you!
  2. When you announce it, link to where it's documented (see also Culture of Documentation) If you find that you're sharing more than is documented, make sure to update the documentation or source material.

Don't use slideshows (Google Slides / Pitch / Keynote etc) for updates

A slide show is one of the worst ways to present an update.

Just create a notion page, and add your update there. Cheaper, faster, easier to share.


When you present something in a venue that requires you to use a slideshow