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Do you want to allow another device to control your lamp?

Perhaps you’re going away for a few days and want to allow someone else to use the Fermob Lighting app to control your Fermob lamps. Easy: simply share your family of Fermob lamps!

To learn how, read the guide below ⤵️

  1. From the menu, tap “Share my Fermob family”
  2. Then tap “Share”
  3. You can choose to share by email or WhatsApp only
  4. Select the recipient of your message
  5. Send the message
  6. Close the Fermob Lighting app fully on the first device
  7. You can now open the app on the second device, which will now be able to control the lamp

<aside> ⚠️ Important: you’ll need to close the app fully on the first device before opening it on the second one. That way, the second device will be table to take over control of the lamp, using the app.




Well done! Your lamps set-up (ambiences, scheduling, timer...) is now shared with the new smartphone!

From now on, your first smartphone will not be able to control your lamps through the Fermob Lighting application. Reminder : the lamps can be monitored by one smartphone at a time.