<aside> 💡 If you signed the pledge and would like to show your work as a way to encourage others to do the same, we welcome you to do so! One way is using the below letter with your own company letterhead.




This letter will document our understanding regarding the non-binding pledge of [COMPANY LLC] (the “ Company”) to take initiatives that will increase representation of marginalized persons in leadership positions.  Payments of the annual profits of the Company will be made as and when distributions are made to the members of the Company.  Payments resulting from any liquidity event shall be made when the Company or its members receive proceeds from the liquidity event and shall be net of all transaction costs of the Company.

For clarification purposes, we jointly understand that Open Tech Pledge will not have a membership interest or any economic ownership interest in the Company.  We are committed to making sure that  at least 20% of marginalized persons are on the board and have C-Level positions within 2 years. At the 5 year mark, your organization will have at minimum 50% marginalized persons having C-Level positions and sitting on the board.

Marginalized persons are the following, but may not be a completed list:

Open Tech Pledge is extremely appreciative of your generosity.   If the foregoing adequately sets forth our understanding please so indicate by executing a copy of this letter in the space indicated below.


The Open Tech Pledge Team