You can earn in-platform currency (Credits) and purchase our services for it. We generate various tasks that we place on Task Board. You complete them and receive rewards, which you can then spend as you want.

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ATTENTION: If you sent an unnecessary asset, then we will reject it, and the reward will not be credited. Don't try to deceive us. Also, you will not receive a notification if your asset has been rejected.

How to get service?

  1. Go to Bot and go through a simple registration.
  2. Then follow in Bot: 🏠 Main Menu → 💼 Services → 🤲 Share Asset → ➡️ Start Now
  3. Then follow Bot's prompts to get Service.


  1. Is it possible to somehow get services without completing tasks? - Yes, you can subscribe or purchase service with real money. More details here: Subscription - Full Guide
  2. How long do you check if the task is completed? - Differently, it usually takes 24 hours, but in rare cases it can take up to 30 days.