<aside> 💡 This process describes the steps that must be carried out during the process of detecting and presenting a new opportunity that is outside of our Core Focus but that can represent a great opportunity



  1. A detailed proposal of the opportunity must be prepared, containing the sections described in "Proposal Content"
  2. Once the proposal is written, it must be shaped in Basecamp in the Leadership space
  3. The proposal must be available to the Leadership team at least one week before the next L10 to have enough time to evaluate it
  4. The whole Leadership Team must evaluate the proposal as well as possible issues and implications that have not been taken into account
  5. During L10 the proposal will be treated as an Issue in the IDS and the Leadership team will have to made a decision if it is addressed or not, or to implement it later

Proposal Content:

The proposal's goal is to be able to answer some questions that clear the uncertainty, such as:

  1. Description / Context: Describe the opportunity and its context, how the opportunity appears
  2. Implications: What implications does it have for the team and estimate of necessary resources
  3. Validating: What is expected to validate with this opportunity
  4. Goals & KPIs: What are the main Goals and KPIs that will measure success on whether or not goals are achieved
  5. Potential Business Opportunity: A small business case about what is the potential of the business opportunity
  6. Issues: What issues have been found or need to be resolved if you decide to address the opportunity