Role: A little bit of everything!

🤔 What did you do before you came to Zetl?

I started my professional career in finance but have been doing fintech startups for the last 7 years. In between startups I ran a personal project to launch 12 startups in 12 months!

💻 Are you involved in any other ventures?

No other active ventures, 150% of my life is in Zetl now!

☺️ Anything you’re proud of/achievements in your time so far here?

👏 Why did you decide to join Zetl?

My firsthand experience of how difficult it is for the new generation of companies to get access to fast, flexible financing. In a previous business I had to empty my bank account to bridge long payment terms and that was an intensely difficult period personally. My goal with Zetl is to ensure that other business owners don’t have to go through that same experience I did.