We take sexual harassment very seriously. While we strongly condemn any form of harassment, we specifically want to give guidance on sexual harassment because it has a big impact on feeling safe, happy and included at Blendle.

We won’t tolerate sexual harassment at Blendle in any shape or form. Our culture is based on mutual respect, responsibility and freedom. Sexual harassment is a serious violation of those principles.

Sexual harassment can exhaust those who endure it. Speaking up about this issue is often tough for fear of not being heard, upsetting team leads and challenging corporate culture.

Please don’t let these fears deter you. Blendle will do everything possible to stop sexual harassment and any other kind of harassment from happening, while supporting harassed employees. We need to know what’s going on so we can act on it. By raising your voice on this issue, you help our company create a happy workplace and thrive.

Our principles

What’s not acceptable at Blendle

Sexual harassment has many forms of variable seriousness. A person sexually harasses someone when they: