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You have the power to shape every choice you make about sexuality into a choice that supports your happiness, health, and well-being, one based on your own unique criteria, and, if and when you add anyone else to the mix, one based on how both of your sexualities, wants, and needs can work together.


Your school didn't offer you a comprehensive* sex education. Your parents eeked out a few words about consent and abstinence, but they're not doing much more (plus you're not excited about having these conversations with them, anyway).

But you need answers! Here are just a few questions you might want to dive into:

Go through these resources on your own (or even with your partner!), and remember, sex can be anything; this a guide for helping you figure out what you want it to be; this is a guide to establishing them for yourself, so that you feel prepared as you explore your sexual identity.

The Short List

If I had to pick my top 3, it'd be these!

Scarleteen | Sex Education For The Real World

I use this as like a Google for sex ed. Type in any question or topic and you bet there will be a high-quality article.


These are both entertaining and very informative videos. Did I mention there’s like 200+ videos?

Come as You Are

So empowering and liberating and all that good stuff.