Themes section

In that section, you can activate the app on any theme installed at your store. You just need to select the target theme and save the changes on the theme editor page you’ll be redirected to.

Please note that this is a required step to make the app function.

img 26.png

General section

Within this section, you may decide whether the selection of a delivery or pickup date/time is a required parameter. If not, clients will be able to Checkout without selecting a date/time.

img 27.png

Date & Time format section

Within this section, you may adjust the formatting of the date and time options in accordance with your local standards:

img 28.png

Delivery, pickup & shipping section

Within this section, you may decide if you’d like to preselect the first available delivery date, add the additional “Comments” and “Description” fields for the Local delivery or Store pickup.

Also, Shipping can be enabled here.

img 29.png

img 30.png

img 31.png