The app offers a possibility to create separate schedules for Local Delivery, Store Pickup, and Shipping. They can be enabled/disabled or customized in accordance with your needs.

Local Delivery and Store Pickup are integrated into the app’s left-side menu by default. You just need to set them up in accordance with your needs. Also, they can be easily disabled if needed:

img 11.png

The Shipping is disabled by default. To activate it and integrate it into the left-side menu you need to navigate to the app Settings > Delivery, pickup & shipping > Shipping and select the “Yes” checkbox for the “Display Shipping tab alongside Local Delivery and Store Pickup in the shopping cart” setting:

img 12.png

<aside> 💡 Please note that you should set up the delivery methods at checkout separately. Make sure the settings enabled at the checkout correspond to the app settings. This can be done in the Shopify Settings >> Shipping and delivery section. More info about setting up and managing your shipping and delivery can be found here.


img 41.png