Before you begin to create campaigns, you need to define what types of campaigns you wish to create.

Choose 'Campaign Types' from the settings menu and add any types of campaign you wish to create.

Campaign Type Title should be provided to you by the player provider. This is the name of the feed, so that the player can determine what feed to show where. For example, you may have a digital directory with a full screen advertisement whilst the unit is not in use, an ad-banner at the top of the screen when someone is interacting, and a small floating advert among the buttons they press.

Default entries to use for Acquire solutions are (note the use of lower case):

ad-loop : this is the full screen advertising loop shown on full ad-panels and when interactives are not in use (screen saver mode).

banner-ad : this is used for a banner advertisement across the top of the interactive screens when in use.

Campaign Type Display title: provide a name to be shown on-screen when the choice of campaign types is being made. This is user-facing

Campaign Type upload text: All users will be shown this text when uploading or assigning content to the campaigns. If you are inviting clients to upload their own media for campaigns, the text will be useful to inform the client of the requirement of the campaign's media, how it will be used, etc.

Number of Slots: All booked campaigns can be split into separate elements called 'Slots'. These allow a single campaign to contain multiple media items, which can be shown sequentially, or at different dates throughout the campaign run time. This can be useful if clients want to stagger a campaign's creative for a 'reveal'. Here you can choose if there is only a single slot, or multiple slots available to allow this to happen.

Duration of slots: As described previously, for a controlled playlist where a loop is a pre-determined length before repeating, this will require all media to be of a fixed length - typically 10, 15 or 30 seconds. Here you can choose this specific length for the campaign. This is used for both video and graphics. If you choose not to fix the length, you can set the value to zero (0) and the system will ignore the length of slots, but note graphics will essentially not play, so you will need to override the slot length. We recommend to fix the length here and override the slot length on those occasional campaigns that require it and you agree, to prevent users from accidentally uploading long pieces of creative and allow graphics to be pre-set lengths.

Default Dimensions: To prevent creative being uploaded to a campaign and being distorted in it's playout, the resolution of the output window should be defined here. Any creative that is added to a campaign which does not meet this resolution will automatically be rejected by the system as it will be distorted upon playout (there is an opportunity to override this). Typically, most advertising is output at HD resolutions (1080x1920px or 1920x1080px) for LCD panels (even if they are 4K), and LED screens will have a specific resolution to their use based upon their size, pixel pitch and shape (although to reduce the need to re-purpose content, often one of the HD resolutions is often used and re-sized on the player).

Interactive Media: If the player application enables the use of interactivity (typically allowing an advert to be touched), you can enable it here and also choose the default dimensions for the resulting creative.