Once you've setup your DNS to point at WISP, it will take a few minutes for the instance to be accessible.

If you're using a custom domain, you'll need to point that domain at our servers. This doesn't apply if you're using a domain we provide for you. Right now the only domain we provide is *.panel.gg

Root-level domains

If you're using a root level domain (eg. wisp.gg, google.com), you shouldn't add a cname record. So we'll need to add an A record for your domain to point at


For Namecheap, it should look something like this


If you're using a subdomain (eg. anything.wisp.gg, something.google.com), you can create a cname record to panel.wisp.gg


For Namecheap, it should look something like this


You can use Cloudflare to manage your DNS for your domain, but you can not proxy your domain traffic through Cloudflare. This means you need to make sure the cloud bubble next to the record is not orange. It must be the gray cloud that says "DNS only"!