<aside> đź’ˇ This guide will walk you through setting up an assessment integration on an interview plan


Section overview

Set up an Assessment Activity

The first step is to add an assessment to an interview plan. To do this, we first need to choose a job, so go to your job dashboard.

From there, select a job where you’d like to add a CodeSignal (example used for this guide) assessment to its interview plan. Once you’re on a job page, choose “Interview Plans” on the left side:


On the next screen, add your assessment as an activity to a stage of the interview plan:


If you have some configured, you'll see your assessment integrations in the "Integrations" section in the "Add Activity" list:


Select an assessment integration, like CodeSignal, and then choose the assessment type from the dropdown on the next screen. The list in the drop down is pulled from your account with the assessment partner (e.g. the list of available CodeSignal tests in your CodeSignal account).

Once you select an assessment type, you'll be able to configure reviewers:


Reviewers added here will be notified to leave feedback on the assessment (just like a take home or scheduled interview), when Ashby is notified that the assessment has been completed. Reviewers are not required.

Start the Assessment

Once a candidate has moved to the stage of the interview plan, where you added the assessment activity, you’ll see a new “Start Assessment” button appear on the candidate’s profile. Clicking that will show a modal, where you’ll be able to adjust, one final time, the kind of assessment type (from the configured assessment partner) that the user is going to take.


Once the assessment has been started, the candidate will be notified by the assessment partner, and Ashby will display updates here, in the drop down. Here's what a completed assessment looks like: