A new Yac Remote Work Pack in Setapp includes 15 apps to maximize your team’s productivity at home

Cork, IRELAND — July 6, 2021 — Setapp, an independent app subscription service, announces its partnership with Yac, an audio first messaging platform, to provide the remote worker’s all-in-one productivity solution. Available in Setapp, Yac Remote Work Pack includes 15 popular tools — 5 by Yac and 10 from Setapp — to help teams working at home accomplish the most common tasks in the everyday workflow more efficiently: Newton, Bartender, Meeter, Paste, Filepane, Be Focused, ToothFairy, BetterZip, Gifox, Yoink, Ohtipi, Serenity, Backtrack, Sip, and Yac.

“Remote work has driven an increasing demand for productivity solutions. The global productivity software market size is expected to reach an incredible $99.2 billion by 2026,” said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder of Setapp. “We were delighted to learn the Yac team used Setapp to help them stay productive while working entirely remotely on their platform. Today, we’re excited to collaborate on a joint solution that will help remote teams everywhere to enhance their productivity and get work done successfully.”

Yac Remote Work Pack is the flagship in the newly launched Collections by Setapp. Collections are ready-made sets of apps created to help users complete a specific task or solve a problem, such as Fix common Mac problems, Browse securely, Get more organized, and more. All apps in Collections are selected by a dedicated curation team from the Setapp library. They are full-featured pro versions and updates are free. There are currently 16 Collections available in Setapp.


“With thousands of apps available today, the search for the right solution could be overwhelming for users. Setapp’s mission is to help users think of tasks they want to accomplish rather than worry about having to search for apps,” — says Nikolay Savin, Lead Product Manager at Setapp. “Our collaboration with Yac and the launch of Collections is a crucial step towards fulfilling that mission.”

“We hand-picked this collection of tools based on our 5+ years of working remotely. The stack is a powerhouse of efficiency to allow anyone to work from anywhere” — says Hunter McKinley, Founder & CMO at Yac.

Yac Remote Work Pack is available to all Setapp users. The service is available for a flat fee of $9.99/month, with discounts for annual, student, and family plans.

About Setapp

Setapp is the first independent app subscription service for macOS and iOS. Setapp provides access to a curated software library of 200+ apps for a single monthly fee. Setapp has a dedicated curation team that only selects the highest quality apps to help users stay focused on their tasks. Setapp was named by Fast Company as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Europe in 2019 and Best SaaS App for Productivity 2019 by the SaaS Awards. Setapp for Teams brings the Setapp app library to businesses of all sizes with simple, straightforward per seat billing. For logos, screenshots and media assets, please download the Setapp press kit.

About Yac

Yac is an asynchronous messaging platform for remote teams. On Yac, short-form voice messages from your teammates let you stay in sync without being derailed by a meeting. No links, scheduling or timezone management needed.

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