<aside> 👉 This guide is for account admins who want to provision licenses, manage teams, create templates, and build the foundation for data hygiene for their organization


Communicate with Clarity

Every time new software is introduced, there is a chance of confusion and change aversion. Mitigate risk with open communication. A good practice is to email the team who will interact with Giraffe to let them know it’s coming! Tell them about the benefits, why your organization has chosen to use it, and how they can get started.

You can start with our email template if that helps!

<aside> ✉️ Copy and paste the following template into your email software. Adjust as needed to match your org!

Hi team!

I’m excited to let you know about a new tool that you have available: Giraffe!

Giraffe is a tool for researching sites, testing feasibility, and communicating decisions to stakeholders.

Soon, you will be provisioned a license. To get started, go to app.giraffe.build and sign up for an account.

Creating in Giraffe is easy! Here are a few tips:

🏃🏽 Try out the In-App Guided Tours 📢 Read the Getting Started Guide 📽️ Watch a quick intro Video 🗓️ Look out for a training session with the team, coming soon.

Please reach out if you have any questions. I’ll be in touch soon with more details.


Provision Licenses

Easily invite your team to join your workspace.

Navigate to Main menu (☰) → Admin

Add new members to your workspace from the Admin menu, under “Members.”

  1. Type the email of the person you would like to invites
  2. Select their permission level
  3. Click “Invite”

The users will receive an email requesting them to join your workspace.