Letterdrop lets you make your blog and newsletter your own by customizing colors to provide a look and feel unique to your brand.

Visit letterdrop.com/publications.

Open your publication. Click on the Settings button.


Scroll down to Customize your publication.

From here, you can change your background color and theme color.


The background color is the color of the background on your home page. It doesn't affect your blog posts themselves.

The accent color is the color of buttons and highlights on both your home page and blog posts. Make sure the background and theme colors have some contrast and work with each other. You're creative, so we figure you'll make something that looks stunning 🎨

If you're wondering why you can't control the background color on your posts, we did some research and discovered that people read the most when they can focus on the text. Your blog posts have a white background and offer a dark mode for people reading at night. This prevents anyone from having trouble reading your posts on a colored background with poor contrast and accessibility issues.