Letterdrop lets you make your blog and newsletter your own by hosting your blog on your own custom domain and also sending email from your own domain. We like to operate behind the scenes.

<aside> ℹ️ Heads up: Setting your DNS records can be scary and confusing. Even engineers struggle with them. Follow this guide and try your best. If you run into any trouble and really can't figure it out, reach out to us by email or the chat in the bottom right and we can set it up for you.


Visit app.letterdrop.com/publications.

Open your publication. Click on the Settings button.


In Settings, scroll down to the section called Custom Domain

Set up a custom domain for your home page


First, enter your domain name.

This could be a primary domain like [stratechery.com](<http://stratechery.com>) in which case anyone who types stratechery.com in their browser will end up at your blog's home page.

Or this could be a subdomain like [blog.mydomain.com](<http://blog.letterdrop.com>) in which case anyone who types in [blog.mydomain.com](<http://blog.letterdrop.com>) in their browser will end up at your blog's home page. In this case, you can still point your main domain mydomain.com to another page.

Hit Save.