Letterdrop helps you grow your email list by up to 30% using a referral program. It requires no code to setup.

The referral program lets you reward existing readers for sharing your newsletter with their friends and colleagues. We create a unique link for each of your readers that they can share. When someone uses their unique link to sign up to your newsletter, that gets attributed to them. Once the reader hits a milestone, they unlock a referral tier and get rewarded. You can set up up to 5 reward tiers and automate congratulations emails and actions to take once a reader unlocks a tier.

For a guide on how to think about referral programs, refer our blog post.

Visit letterdrop.com/publications.

Open your publication. Click on the Settings button.


Scroll down to Referrals.

From here, you can turn on your referral program, create reward tiers, and set a congratulations message that is emailed your readers when they unlock a tier.


Congratulations message

This message goes out in an email to any reader who unlocks a tier. You will be cc'ed on it. You can also automate actions to take when a reader unlocks a referral tier through API or Zapier.

Reward Tiers

You can create up to 5 different reward tiers. You can customize the icon, tier name, description, and number of referrals needed to unlock it.