We send your emails via Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) in the EU, which offers one of the highest delivery rates worldwide.

To make sure your inboxing is first class, you should add the following entries to the DNS of your domain:

1. DKIM records

<aside> 💡 DKIM stands for "DomainKeys". DomainKeys is based on asymmetric encryption. The e-mail is provided with a digital signature, which the receiving server can verify using the public key available in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the domain. If this fails, the receiving server or the receiving application program has the option of rejecting or sorting out the e-mail.


To enable DKIM for your emails, you would need to add three entries to your DNS. The entries are specific to your domain. You will receive them from us as CSV file.

Your DKIM entries look like this, for example:


To set them up, please create a "CNAME" entry for each of the three entries:

Here we show you how to set up the entries with different hosting providers: