Automatically DM fans when your drops go live and collect contact info

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Step 1:

Go to your Laylo Settings → Integrations here and connect to your Meta account.

Make sure your IG account is set to type “business” and not “creator.”

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<aside> 💡 NOTE: Your Instagram account must be a Business Account to use this feature.

Setup Instagram Business Account


Step 2:

Create a drop and go to the Advanced Tab to select your Keyword.

<aside> 💡 You can use the default RSVP or create a custom keyword using words or emojis.


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Step 3:

Post a story telling fans to respond RSVP or your custom keyword to get signed up

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<aside> ‼️ Fans will also receive an opt-in flow to input their phone number or email address so that you can message them for future drops as well.



You're all set! Any fan that responds RSVP (or your custom keyword) to your next drop will automatically get the drop notification.