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Enterprise Support & Success Services

View Notion's own Services page for inspiration.

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An enterprise plan to succeed at scale

Get the most out of Notion with specialized guidance from our expert customer success managers and product operations team.


Get up and running quickly

Based on your organization's unique needs, we'll craft implementation, onboarding, and training to make sure your team or company-wide deployment is successful, whether you're replacing existing tools or building a whole new work operating system.


Get more out of Notion

As your strategic partner, we'll support your teams' goals with best practices, training, templates, and advanced features so you can work the way your team works best.

Kick-off & success plan

We'll align with you on your needs and the outcomes you're driving. We'll set goals and milestones to work towards together.

Our resulting success plan will put your teams on the right path from onboarding to beyond—and we'll be beside you the entire way.


In addition to our library of video and tutorial trainings, we'll offer live and personalized training sessions exclusive to enterprise users.

Beginner sessions get folks up and running, while expert sessions can help super users unlock new ways to connect and collaborate more productively.

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Change Management

We know change is hard. And managing that change is what can make or break a project. With internal communication templates, launch and training plans, and best practices for high-impact Notion workspaces, we help you craft a thoughtful and consistent approach to change management — so your teams are happy and productive.

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