Picksell Services

Picksell offers two services:

Compare plans and features

Picksell offers the one Picksell Pay plan with fixed fee for all businesses and three Picksell Platform plans (Light, Base, Premium) to fit the needs of any business.

Picksell Pay plan provides access to our SDK, which you can integrate into your website or app to accept payments.

Picksell Platform plans determines dashboard featured, delivery settings, support options and stuff accounts permissions. All Picksell Platform plans allow you to get web and app for your business, have unlimited products on your shopping pages, accept unlimited payments, take advantages from QR-codes. Each Picksell Platform plan also enables you to integrate Picksell Pay into your website or app.

You can upgrade or cancel your subscription any time you like.

Use the table below to compare all the plans and features.

<aside> 💡 Please note that Picksell plans subscription fees don't cover delivery costs. You are separately charged monthly for delivery services provided. Learn more about billing cycle.



Billing cycle

After you subscribe to a plan and your account got Live status, you will be billed regularly for Picksell services.

Subscribers of Picksell Pay plan will receive monthly bill for transactions fees.

Subscribers of Picksell Platform plans will receive a bill for each specific service: