UX Research and Design Sprints

Tactics, Training, Culture

We parachute into your team to design meaningful experiences tailored to your target audience. We solve your current UX problems through human-centered design while building up your internal team and culture to continue the process.

Strategy and Tactical Retainers

Coaching, Advisory, Process

We’ll set aside a bank of hours for weekly meetings and async support to help your team bring human-centered design forward from the inside out. You’ll have a tailored point person to manage most of your need, and we’ll loop in the rest of the Still Ape team as needed.

Discovery & Synthesis

Facilitation, Research, Insight

We gather evidence and facilitate a series of workshops aimed at clarifying a viable path forward for any new product, service, feature, or initiative. You'll show up as a team, collaborate on synthesizing insights and opportunities, and we'll define a new direction together.

Visual and UI Design Tactics

Visual Design, Illustration and Brand

Big branding agencies deliver a lot of fluff. For the startups, nonprofits and institutions we partner with, we can deliver minimalist, professional, metamodern visuals and identity for immediate use.

UX Research Tactics

UX Research, Longitudinal Studies & Behaviour Change