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Def. The number of days after the purchase of a product you allow the users to request a service (return or exchange) is called your service window. When you first sign on with return rabbit, you provide your default service window.

Please note that the number of days you specify here doesn’t start from when the product was delivered but rather the order placed date.

In the configuration called Service Window, you can add periods where you would allow your customers more or fewer days of service. This period acts as an exception over the globally defined service window.

Adding a service window does not change your default service window, but for any purchases made by the shoppers in the time window you provide, the service window will change to the number of days you provided against that specific period. Any orders placed outside this window will default to a globally defined service window duration.

You can also change your default service window from this screen. Just click on the link in the service window configuration description, and a modal will open up where your default service window will change. Any change will take effect immediately, and change the serviceability of the order services created henceforth. Please be careful while changing this as this configuration will directly affect your shoppers.


Editing the Service Window:

The service window can be edited when needed to cater to the customer’s needs by clicking on the edit icon on the service Global Service Window card


Depending on requirements, you can also choose when to start the service window in the store.

There are two options in this case