Welcome to Mine in Abyss! Below is a shortened list of rules for you to follow.

A full version containing more specific punishments can be found in theModeration decision tree.

Both of these pages only serve as guidelines for moderators. There may be special cases, but you are expected to follow the rules below at all times!

If you believe something may be against the rules, but it isn't explicitly stated (or something doesn't sound right), it is your responsibility to open a ticket in #staff-contact.


No ladder shafts/staircases/railways or anything of the sort in Orth → Layer 3.

EXP farms in the form of custom mobs or other vanilla (cactus farms and so on) ones are not permitted, due to server lag issues. The same goes for farms for mob drops.

Respect others

Do not circumvent bans

You are not allowed to use alts to get around punishments

See Ban Circumvention

Do not abuse exploits

Report bugs on https://mineinabyss.com/issues, or in #survival-bug-reports on Discord.