We recommend using a Linux system to run your node. The most convenient way to do so would be to provision a server on a cloud provider, unless you have such a machine at home. You should be able to use any provider of your choosing. We typically run our on a recent version of Ubuntu but you should be able to follow along with any distribution.


For a personal setup

You should be able to run your own node on any hardware. We tested the nodes on servers with 2 CPUs and 16GB of memory with no issues.

For validators and optimal performance nodes

The Nodle Chain is Built on Polkadot Substrate, a framework for building blockchains. We recommend you use the Polkadot's standard hardware specification for optimum performances, note that these are minimum requirements but if you decide to run with less than this beware that you might have performance issues. We have copied them below for your convenience.

This is especially relevant when running a validator as you'd want to have the best possible performances in order to be competitive with the other validators.

Standard Hardware

For the full details of the standard hardware please see here.

The specs posted above are by no means the minimum specs that you could use when running a validator, however you should be aware that if you are using less you may need to toggle some extra optimizations in order to be equal to other validators that are running the standard.

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